The story of the MoonRocks RV

Posted: Dec 19 2014

This summer MoonRocks has set out to provide the great people of New Zealand, with super stylish and comfortable clothing at amazing prices. the traditional method to do this was to open a shop, but when we did the numbers the costs and overheads for being in the right spot would make it very hard for us to provide the quality of clothing that MoonRocks produce, at a price that we think people can afford. So we thought, can we 'vive diferente' and work something out that is better?

One of the MoonRocks partners (Javier Carrasco) has always wanted the MoonRocks crew all to go with him to Burning Man in US, Burning Man is a city that is built for a week in the desert full of amazing art and people. We really wanted to go last year but had a lot of work to do in Bali and couldnt make it. But - we had arranged to hire a RV to use when we were there, this then became the seed to idea to us use a RV to showcase and sell MoonRocks clothing and ethos. 

We did some research, and with the help of some friends we found a suitable vehicle for MoonRocks to use and had it transported to NZ from the UK. We made clothes racks and a pop up shop out of Bamboo that attaches to the side of the RV in Bali. The MoonRocks RV (without stock) can sleep comfortably up to 6 people and has plenty of storage for surfboards and things to enjoy the country as we tour around, has its own shower/toilet, fridge, hot and cold water so we can trip around anywhere, be able to stay a while or crack a beer/make some lunch park up. It's also equipped to party, we have a smoke machine, a 760 and 1000 watt amps with 12 inch sub woofer and 100 watt speakers.

What the MoonRocks RV means for you.

It means that we can keep our clothing at the very best quality but keep the cost to you, down. When you sell through a retail shop, you have to pay for the rent of the shop, staff and overheads, and you have to make enough money for the sale price to pay for this, all year. You also have to commit to long term leases which all makes it very hard to make money after you have paid everthing. The MoonRocks RV is far more effective method for us to sell MoonRocks clothes from, we dont have to pay for expensive leases for rich land owners, and because we can live in the RV, we save our rent costs which all makes our overheads very low.  

We have only been able to do this , with the help of friends Geoff Budd Lensflare, Tim Aple Jucy Rentals, Matt and Sarah Bolton big shout out to you guys for all your help bring the MoonRocks RV to life. 

Below are some of the videos we have made so far, we will keep adding as we treck around so keep an eye on the MoonRocks website to keep an eye on all the action. 








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