Global fish stocks going down, Johnny Mouse strike rate going up - WHY?

Posted: Oct 19 2014


Grant Johnston (Aka Johnny, Johnny Mouse, Mouse) was introduced to MoonRocks as someone who we think likes to do things a little different (Vive Diferente)

A talent in the Rugby field, academically (Johnny and I went to school together many many moons ago at the great Waitaki Boys High School) Johnny has pursued his passions all the way through his life. Rugby was first and Johnny played as professional in NZ or overseas and now fishing.  But the other thing we know about Johnny Mouse, is he knows it dosnt always have to be done so serious. Once when Johnny and I where playing in the U18 South Island Campionships. In the first game of the competition, the opposition scored a try in the opening mintutes runing right round our star mid-fielder, Johnny and I where on the bench that day,  and when we joined our team under the posts with the water bottles, Johnny said "who wants some water?" the players deep in a state of serious reflection looked up and Johnny proceeded to show them where a tap was off the side of the changing rooms. Both Johnny and I were actually pissing ourselves - noone else found it funny.. Which was a shame cos I'm still laughing about it. 

Johnny and MoonRock's, where is the connection?Obvoiusly he's long time friend of mine, but he does something different I think. He seems to be always out fishing (and thats catching fish not just trying to catch fish), and happy to be. He just seems to love to get out in the outdoors in his backyard of Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand, (who Johnny tried to tell me is in the Lonely Planet guide as the #1 town in the world to check out, I googled it and it said just check out Fat Sally's and stay clear of shag point this). Also he seems to have gotten in sync with nature and as a result is always bringing home some dinner.

To me, Johnny symbolises what MoonRocks Vive Diferente is all about. Johnny is and for as long as I have known him, always a super happy and super helpful guy. Johnny has also always been incredibly talented at what every he trys to do, and to me that just seems to be living a life that makes sense to him. And that's what Vive Diferente means to me, live different and in a way that makes you happy now. Live with #Passion, #Adventure, to enjoy the #simplelife in #Nature, and always to do it with a touch of #Rebel.

Johnny has been fishing a few years now, and I have done a little fly fishing but spend most my time stalking sticks under the water, so am really looking forward to our WBHS reunion trip in the RV Feburary with another great mate (Tim Peterson - you better make it man, we are dinning on fish the whole way).

I asked Johnny the other day why is he's doing so well on the fish front.. Johnny said this "Well I think its to do with my winding.... haha, to be honest I don't know, about a year ago I just seemed to be catching more", and then he went off on a tangent that someone told him the other day to keep an eye on the cologne that people who catch lots of fish use, as they might be getting it on the line?!?!

I think it's this - when you do something you love, and are content with your life and the things going on in it right now are OK, good things come your way. And in this case, for Johnny its fish in fridge, a lot.

MoonRocks has sent Johnny a pack of MoonRocks gears and a agreement for him to  keep on doing what he's doing, and we will keep making sure he's got plenty of great MoonRocks clothes in his wardrobe.

I mean look at this - its ridiculous!!

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