Best ever scrambled eggs recipe

Posted: Aug 16 2014

Best breakfast for sure! This breakfast will give you great sustained energy and best of all it's super tasty! BESG's are a winner with everyone who tries them.  The secret difference is the creaminess, and you can add lots of stuff left in the fridge to pimp your scramble up! 

 Egg Facts 

1 egg provides about 3% of a average persons energy requirements. Eggs are a very cost effective form of protein, they store really well (better to be kept out of the fridge). When there's an egg in the house, there's a meal in the house! 

Hot tips to making the best ever eggs

  • Non stick pot works best, (scrambled eggs can be a pain to clean up - non stick, no worries! Use a pot rather than a pan if you can).
  • Wooden spoon (flat bottoms with curved edge - we don't know the science but it seems to bond the butter and eggs together better). 
  • ONLY mix butter and eggs (put any other ingredients you are using in at the end). 
  • The key is in the mixing, you are looking to gently heat and mix the butter and eggs at the beginning.  
  • Fresh chilli, yew!!!

Watch the video on how to fix this up. Chow it down with some phat beats! 


We like our scrambled eggs served in pitas. Keep them in the freezer and bang them into the toaster whole. Cut in half and fill the scrambled egg mixture into the pita cavity.

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